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In these blogs, we would be looking into the DataCenter moving towards Software-Defined DataCenter giving us the opportunity of providing Infrastructure as service which evolves automation using VMware vRealize Automation/vRealize Orchestration, vRA is an automation tool with embedded vRO.

vRO is javascript based toolkit with capabilities of XAAS(Anything as a service), which makes it a powerful tool providing integration to other supporting tools such as Infoblox, Azure, PureStorage, Hitachi Storage, Jenkins, SQL, and ServiceNow, etc.

We also see a lot of companies are migrating to the public cloud, as the company is free of the underlying infrastructure maintenance and hardware cost, but there is also the importance of the private cloud which comes in higher priority, when the privacy and security is the main concern, such as banking sector, so we will revolve around the Hybrid cloud, speaking on capabilities of both Public and Private.

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Travelling Sometimes we need to find ourselves in peace from the everyday regular life race, career, office politics, personal issues, and spend a couple of days with our loved ones or nutric person. 

Let’ explore someplace for both our sides, one to be an adventurous person with ideas on exploring with a lot of physical activity to trek and campaign, next one to be luxurious and spend the time in an expensive resort with a beautiful view.

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Travelling Sometimes we need to find ourselves in peace from the everyday regular life race, career, office politics, 


Hello there, I’m Suhail Ahmed, the founder of this blog which revolves primarily with the technology on Software Designed DataCenter and Public Cloud Technologies, alongside following passion of Travel, Food and Fitness.


  • I have been working as an IT professional with 4+ years experience as a Infra Developer /DevOps Engineer with Agile Methodology, which is similar to CI/CD pipeline, with having passion to travel and explore the world. 
  • Food and Fitness is something i look along my life journey.


I have a special love for Biryani, but  also like having different cuisines and sharing my experience to the places, i have visited.


DevOps Engineer

I am a Automation engineer working on hybrid cloud setup, revovling around VMware technology for SDDC and DC automation along with DevOps tools 

Travel Blogger

I love making travel videos. My travel videos have been featured on google maps contribution, and also been a local trip advisor to my very own friend circle


Born and raised in the silicon city Bengaluru, also known as Garden City of India, I was fortunate enough to be able to study English extensively when I was young and got myself into Computer Science Engineering in Viveshwaraiya university.

Like most bengalureans, I got a job immediately after university and started working as a programmer. Back then, I had never dreamed of having a traveling lifestyle because it seems impossible then. But thanks to my work, which pays me off for having the pleasure of travelling and exploring.

I started as a Software engineer for the first time in 2016 and began gaining interest in Technology majorly for Infrastructure as a service and building a strong foundation on Hybrid cloud along with the DevOps tools, and fulfilling a long wish traveling around the world and documenting my journey for Technology, travel and food blogs